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Wheel Weight Survey 2006

The Ecology Center has released its second Lead-Free Wheels Survey of new vehicles. Lead wheel balancing weights represent one of the largest ongoing uses of lead in the world. The survey of new 2006/2007 model year vehicles showed that while many automakers have aggressively phased out lead wheel balancing, some automakers have made no progress (Chrysler) and zero aftermarket tire retailers have committed to phasing out lead wheel weights.

"Lead wheel weights falling off cars and trucks is one of the last major, unregulated sources of lead pollution in the U.S.," said Jeff Gearhart, Campaign Director of the Ecology Center. "This survey shows that lead free wheel balancing is a cost effective way to reduce the use of lead in vehicles. Anyone who installs tires needs to get on the bandwagon."

Based on the results of the 2006 survey, the Ecology Center estimates that approximately 50% of the new cars sold in the US at the end of 2006 had lead-free wheel weights. This accounts for approximately 68 million lead-free wheel weights on new cars in 2006. This represents a 79% increase over 2004 when the Ecology Center estimated 38 million wheel weight were installed on new vehicles. These weights eliminated the use of over 1,500 tons of lead on vehicles in the US.


The Lead-Free Wheels Program is conducting an onging survey at auto dealerships in SE Michigan to determine which new vehicles are using lead-free wheel balancing. The previous survey was conducted in 2004 and listed 28 new vehicles using lead-free wheel balancing. The new survey, which was completed in the fall of 2006, now includes 115 vehicles.

The use of steel balancing weighs is verified magnetically. The use of zinc weights has been verified through discussion with automotive and wheel weight manufacturers. We were not able to determine weight type on some vehicles and therefore they are not listed as using lead-free wheel balancing.

Vehicles For Sale in the U.S. with Lead-free Wheel Weights

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Lead Free Wheels is a project of the Ecology Center, a nonprofit organization.