Manufacturer of Wheel Balancing Weights in Gurgaon,Manufacturer of Wheel Balancing Weights in Gurgaon

Regular Product

Over the last two years, Plombco has made significant investments in a unique process to manufacture both steel clip-on and adhesive weights. With a focus on streamlining the process and implementing efficient manufacturing, we now offer a complete line of steel wheel weights.

Steel packaging is printed in green for easy identification.

Superior Design

Exact fit to the rim contour for
superior retention.

Rounded clip end for
scratch-less installation.
Superior coating for
corrosion resistance

A new standard of excellence

Our process is simple yet effective. Each style of clip is affixed to a universal body with the product type displayed on the front of the clip for easy identification. One universal body style reduces complexity and allows the very precise design of our clip to do the work. By forming the clip to the rim flange, we achieve a superior fit to the rim which results in superior retention Certification. We offer a full range of styles to fit all of your needs.

Coating for PFe and adhesive

The P series for steel rims and the adhesive weights are typicaly hiddend. For that reason they get a different coating that is inorganic and chrome-free and offers a similar corrosion resistance.